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10 Steps to a Kitchen Remodel

Friday, December 17, 2010

How can homeowners participate in their home remodeling or renovation project?

When we meet with clients in preparation for their home remodel they commonly ask how they can participate and help the project move forward. Sometimes they want to perform some of the work themselves to contribute to the finished product and/or they may want to save some on costs and out of pocket expenses. Regardless of the reason(s) there are many ways homeowners can assist with their remodel and/or new home construction.

One of the most important things that every homeowner must do is make product selections for the lighting, flooring, plumbing fixtures, tile, paint, appliances, counter tops, cabinets and trim elements. This can be an overwhelming task! Your builder and/or designer can provide samples and recommendations to aid in the process and narrow selections down to fit with your style and budget. Making the time to finalize these selections on schedule is critical to the timeliness and success of your project. Meeting regularly with your builder during the course of the home remodeling project to make product selections and review the project schedule should be every homeowner’s priority.

If you have additional time and/or desires you may consider taking on some of the remodeling work yourself. In general, we recommend that our clients work with us at either the beginning or end of the project. Demolition, painting, installing trim work and floor coverings are a few examples of areas where homeowners can contribute “sweat equity” to their project. Working closely with the builder minimizes conflicts with the project schedule and allows for more effective collaboration between the builder and the homeowner.

When evaluating whether to work on your project yourself, be sure to consider the price tag on your own time and expenses. How much work will be missed or personal time given up? With these considerations included it may be less expensive to let you builder provide all the work needed. Let your own interests and skills influence your decision.

We enjoy working with our clients and developing a mutually beneficial relationship throughout the course of their home construction and remodeling project(s). We appreciate the time and efforts they put into home and enjoy helping them make their dreams become a reality.

If you have any questions about building and/or remodeling your own home. Please feel free to contact us and discuss them via email, over the phone or in person.

Matthew Harper
Harper & Company Homes, LLC