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Friday, February 11, 2011

Mobley's Comments

After setting our blog up a nd letting our clients know about the resources here we had one of our clients ask if they could post some comments about their experience with our company. Naturally, we were pleased to oblige. Here are their comments:

We had an amazing experience with Matt Harper. His very first impression was exactly how we was for a complex 6 month project- clean cut, educated, polite, creative, and always positive and energetic. We dug out our 5 foot deep crawl space and completed it to a nicely finished basement complete with media room, 9 foot ceilings, storage, etc. Matt and his team did a great job on the project. We had a few normal “butting of the heads” along the way and that is to be expected in any sort of large scale home remodel. The reason I share this, is that those moments of (brief) conflict are when Matt’s impressive character really shined through. Matt was always a true professional and each of these (very few) conflicts was resolved to 110% of our satisfaction. Its easy to be nice, professional, etc when everything is humming along. But, when the normal challenges of construction are encountered- that is when you really see how good or not so good your GC is. Matt is the best and we continue to recommend him without any reservation.

Steven & Britta Mobley

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